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Hand-on Fractions Activity: Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers with Egg Cartons

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

Hands-on Fractions Activity: Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers with Egg Cartons is a perfect match for teachers of Grades 3 through 6. This resource aims to introduce improper fractions and mixed numbers to the students using an interactive, hands-on, visual, and practical method.

The interesting part of this lesson is its hands-on experience provided by a common household object: egg cartons! By making abstract fraction concepts tangible, this activity makes learning more accessible for all students.

How to Use:

  • Each group of students receives an empty egg carton, counters, and a worksheet for each member.

  • The class then collaboratively works through each specified amount of eggs (3, 6, 8, 14, 19, 30), step-by-step with the teacher's guidance.

  • Students place counters in their concrete eggs cartons, colour in the model on their worksheet, and then write the fraction. This is a great application of the Concrete, Representational, Abstract math teaching philosophy.

  • When possible, students reduce fractions to lowest terms.

  • When there are more than twelve eggs, students get a chance to write an improper fraction and the corresponding mixed number. By using these hands-on tools, the relationship between these two types of fractions should become more clear.

This activity offers ample flexibility both in terms of pace as well as delivery mode – it works equally well in a whole class collaboration setting, small group activities, or for individual seat work. It can be used in versatile ways!

What's Included:

A total of 3 pages in PDF format:

Title Page/Instructions


Sample Answer Key

Grades to Use With:

This lesson is perfect for students in elementary classes in grades 3-6 who are learning about improper fractions and mixed numbers.

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