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Elementary Math Centers or Stations: Equivalent Fractions (Gr 4 & 5)

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Grade 4, 5



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About This Product

If you are teaching your students about equivalent fractions, check out this ready-to-print set of 5 math stations to enhance your unit!

I believe that using a variety of instructional methodologies is a great way to reach more students. These centers allow students to try different activities and work cooperatively with their peers, all while practicing their equivalent fraction math skills.

The first stop includes four word problems for you students to try. You can put out whiteboards for them to use instead of scrap paper.

Next they get to play a dice game (with 6-sided dice). They practice drawing equivalent fractions.

After that, students get to solve a riddle by matching equivalent fractions.

The fourth station includes financial literacy: students calculate sale prices using fractions that are equivalent.

Finally, the last station has students share their ideas about math clearly in words and visuals as they answer a math journal prompt.

This product comes with an answer key too!

Grades to Use With: These stations are designed for students in grades 4 and 5 who are strengthening their understanding of equivalent fractions (in preparation for learning to add and subtract fractions in particular). They could be used in middle school special education classes as well.

Ways to Use: I often use stations like these before a math unit test. I split the class into 5 groups and have them start at different stations. They can either rotate every 15-20 minutes, or work at their own pace.

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