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Hedgehog PowerPoint

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About This Product

Title: Hedgehog PowerPoint

Overview of the Hedgehog PowerPoint

The Hedgehog PowerPoint for Preschool/K/Grade 1 Science Animals Autumn is a 20-slide teaching resource designed to enrich young learners' understanding of science, particularly zoology. This tool has been carefully created for educators seeking to provide engaging and visual lessons to preschool, kindergarten, and grade one students.

Uses for the Hedgehog PowerPoint

The Hedgehog PowerPoint is a great tool to help children learn about animals in their environment. Although not many children will have seen a live hedgehog, every child knows about this cute creature and will delight to learn more about it. It will serve as a launch pad for further scientific enquiry which the wise teacher will be able to utilise to full advantage to teach much of the science curriculum concerning animals. It can be used as part of a thematic unit plan and work can easily be planned in English alongside scientific learning.

A simple text on each screen makes this Hedgehogs PowerPoint suitable for guided reading sessions.

Main Focus Areas:

  • Naming and recognizing hedgehogs.

  • Understanding that hedgehogs are omnivores.

  • Hedgehogs diet and their food sources.

  • Hedgehogs' survival strategies such as hibernation during winter.

  • The nocturnal behaviour of hedgehogs.

The Hedgehog PowerPoint can be used as part of a project on:

  • Autumn,

  • Hibernation,

  • Animals

  • To compare animals,

How to use the Hedgehog PowerPoint

The Hedgehog PowerPoint is not limited to a whole group setting alone; Educators can differentiate their instruction by using it with small groups based on their level of readiness or even assign it as homework readily available in MS PowerPoint format file type.

In conclusion, this invaluable resource contributes towards developing powerful lesson plans specifically strengthening knowledge about Zoology while inspiring students to nurture a genuine fascination towards science studies at an early age.

What is included?

1 19-slide PowerPoint

Resource Tags

hedgehogs autumn animals zoology nocturnal behavior education first grade

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