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Help Monica Sort Clothing - feature, function and Class

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This activity involves sorting clothing items based on their features, functions, and classes - the items in this activity are commonly seen as "girl" clothes.

The learners will be presented with a collection of various clothing items such as shirts, pants, jackets, sweaters, and so on. The objective of the activity is to categorize these items based on their unique features, functions, and classes.

To begin the activity, the instructor will introduce the concept of feature, function, and class, providing examples and a brief description of each. The learners will then be given a set of clothing items and asked to sort them into categories based on FEATURE- describing something 'the shirt is red' 'things with zippers' FUNCTION - what it is used for 'wear a coat when it is cold' CLASS - a category 'all shirts' or 'all socks'

*For example, the learners could sort clothing items based on the feature of long sleeves, the function of keeping warm, or the class of pants.

By completing this activity, the learners will improve their critical thinking and analytical skills as they learn to categorize and classify objects based on different criteria. They will also develop their knowledge and understanding of clothing items and their unique features, functions, and classes. Have hands on fun expanding the learners imagination and mind!

This activity is easy to create and assemble - print, laminate and velcro the individual cards onto the activity - Three hole punch and place in a binder for years of teaching and learning.

I'll Figure It Out

IFIO girl

What's Included

33 Page downloadable PDF includes the following-












wear when its cold

wear on your feet

wear on your head

wear on your hands


clothing with zippers

clothing with strings

clothing with long sleeves

clothing with short sleeves

clothing that is red

clothing that is blue

wear when it is hot

Each sorting card activity has six individual sorting cards. The pictures are large with limited background distractions to allow the learner to focus on the task and to increase visual attention and awareness to the card.

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