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Spanish: SORT CLOTHING BY feature, function, class -Ayuda a Sophia a Encontrar los Artículos - Característica, Función y Clase - Sorting Activity

About This Product

Spanish SORT CLOTHING BY Feature, Function, Class - Ayuda a Sophia a Encontrar los Artículos - Característica, Función y Clase

This resourceful teaching tool is an action-oriented activity designed to nurture critical thinking skills in learners spanning preschool to grade 12. It is ideal for boosting comprehension about life skills and early math without compromising the engaging hands-on experience.

  • Background: This feature focuses on helping learners categorize clothing items based on distinct attributes. The exercise asks them to sort items like shirts, pants and jackets according to the feature ('the shirt is red'), function ('wear a coat when it’s cold') or class ('all socks'). This practice not only improves learners' knowledge about everyday objects like clothes but also boosts their analytical capabilities.
  • Versatility: Apart from encouraging understanding of normal objects and sharpening categorization ability, this tool also aids in challenging fields such as special needs education and learning world languages including Spanish.
  • Educational Contributions: The exhilarating sorting task keeps students immersed in learning while improving their attention span and overall cognitive flexibility.
  • Learner-focus: Comprises 33 interactive PDF pages offering everything from glasses to coats versus what you wear when its hot versus cold. Each page provides six individual sorting cards highlighting primary colors that prompt undeterred focus by the learner on the task at hand.
  • Sustainability & Accessibility:
    1. You can conveniently print-laminate-velcro these PDF pages making them effortlessly reusable (three-hole punch-bind) over years promoting limitless fun learning opportunities.

In conclusion:"How we classify things can shape how we think about them – so go ahead and help your students sort it out—in Spanish!"

What's Included

33 Page downloadable PDF includes the following-












wear when its cold

wear on your feet

wear on your head

wear on your hands


clothing with zippers

clothing with strings

clothing with long sleeves

clothing with short sleeves

clothing that is red

clothing that is blue

wear when it is hot

Each sorting card activity has six individual sorting cards. The pictures are large with limited background distractions to allow the learner to focus on the task and to increase visual attention and awareness to the card.

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