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Help Write The Slithery Snake Story (7-11 years)

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About This Product

Help Write The Slithery Snake Story (7-11 years)

A unique and dynamic teaching resource, designed primarily for educators in a bid to inspire creative writing prowess among children. This pack encourages students between ages 7 and 11 to read pre-defined sentences and ignite their imagination by considering multiple choice answers or formulating an answer of their own.


The key intention of this hands-on approach is to cultivate refined vocabulary utilisation whilst providing a confidence boost to even hesitant writers. The interactive 'magazine-style' format involving captivating fiction and non-fiction texts along with supplementary activities spark an interest in creating stories, letters, play scripts, diaries, poems or persuasive leaflets.

Learning Benefits
  • Beyond creative expression – gain insight on innovative writing techniques illustrating differences between simple, compound and complex sentences and the appropriate use of connectives.
  • Valuable grammar tips - introducing challenging vocabularies and enhancing punctuation skills.
Educational Settings Application

This diverse educational recourse could be fittingly used across different platforms such as public schools or homeschooling environments. Its thoughtful design allows for implementation in various contexts including whole group lessons triggering collective ideation; smaller group sessions endorsing peer collaboration; or independently as homework assignments enabling free expression without any constraints.

About the Product Format

This teaching pack is consolidated into a practical 13-page downloadable PDF file under Language Arts - Creative Writing Activities' category on; featuring reading comprehension exercises followed by output-oriented tasks.

Targeted Audience & Benefits

  • An exceptional practice tool beneficial not only for Grades 1 to 6 pupils preparing for exams but also prove advantageous for students with special needs or those using English as a second language, thus reinforcing inclusivity in literacy education.

What's Included

13 pages

Resource Tags

Creative writing Vocabulary enrichment Engaging activities Reading comprehension Writing techniques

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