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Write A Recount Of A Special Event (7-11 years)

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Write A Recount Of A Personal Experience

The child is asked to write a recount of an event, like a special birthday party. They should read the prompts and jot down some notes about their event. The child should describe the activities in the order they occurred and add some of their own opinions. They should add lots of interesting details.

Write A Recount Of A Special Event

The child should read the recounts that children in Mrs Barker's class have written about special events. Then, they should write one of their own. Their writing can be informal and can contain humour to make it interesting.

This series provides prompts to encourage children, of 7-11 years, to write. It provides starting points, to encourage even the most reluctant writers. In fact, the writer regularly dips into these packs for her own tutorial classes. With their lively 'magazine style' format, they are an ideal study aid to consolidate work on planning and writing stories and non fiction articles, expanding vocabulary and include many examples of children's work. As well as this, the packs contain some very useful tips on writing techniques (as in writing simple, compound and complex sentences). The work in these packs will inspire children, who are practicing for exams, to write, and provide starting points for even the most reluctant writer, including those children with special educational needs and where English is a second language.

The work packs are ideal for home study and will reinforce the work done in school. They may be purchased in any order. There are a number of titles to choose from. By working through the packs, the student will grow in confidence and will learn to enjoy writing. The packs are also a useful resource for teachers and save hours of time when preparing lessons or homework tasks.

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