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Hiking Activity Booklet, Kid Games; printable for kids, trail signs, Outdoor Scavenger Hunt, Activity printable, Girl Scout Resource

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About This Product

The Hiking Activity Booklet, Kid Games

An educational resource perfect for public school instructors and homeschooling parents alike. Designed to meet the requirements for Brownie Hiking badges, this engaging yet informative booklet can also be used by frontier girl leaders or any educators seeking to cultivate a love for hiking in young learners.

The Hiking Activity Booklet teaches kids everything they need to know about preparing for and enjoying a hike. Whether students are partaking as part of a planned educational outing or simply using their own backyard as an outdoor classroom, the range of activities included ensures there's something for every kind of learner. This hands-on educational tool is appropriate for second and third-grade students but can also be adapted to suit other grade levels.

In addition to equipping potential hikers with the basic know-how, this activity booklet introduces fundamental life skills. It features challenging activities that not only foster independent learning but also encourage teamwork and cooperation—significant tools in every child’s learning journey.

Activities featured in the booklet include:

  • Where are you hiking promotes planning ahead and safety awareness through discussions on proper clothing choices based on various hiking conditions.
  • Hiking skill to try introduces learners to different trail signs fostering navigational skills.
  • The segment on Gear for hiking walks children through preparation beforehand; including what items needed depending on location and weather.
  • A section on snacks extends healthy eating habits into this outdoor activity instruction guide as well with two fun snack-making lessons.
  • Lastly, actual hike suggestions foster appreciation nature through diverse options like a bingo style scavenger hunt, sketching natural scenery, plant identification experiments

This user-friendly teaching material comes in PDF format allowing teachers easy access across devices ensuring education remains uninterrupted whatever setting they find themselves teaching at whether within traditional classroom boundaries or beyond it - even amidst verdant woods while engaged in experiential learning.

What's Included

Where are you hiking – Learn more about what clothes to wear on different hikes and interview a hiking pro using some of these questions as conversational starters.

Hiking skill to try – Learn about different hiking trail signs with this activity.

Gear for hiking – learn about what gear you need for a hike depending on location and weather, work together to put together a hiking gear kit, and make your own walking stick to use on your next hike.

Snack for hiking – Steps to make 2 different snacks to take on your hike

Get out and hike! – Have fun on a hike using one of the 4 different hiking activities: A bingo style scavenger hunt, fit on a penny, sketching or drawing nature, and plant and flower hunt.

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