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Holiday Would You Rather Game

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About This Product

Holiday Would You Rather Game

The Holiday Would You Rather Game is a unique teaching tool that promises to engage students and keep them attentive. Designed for kindergarten through grade 6, the game merges learning and fun, ensuring both educators and students have an enjoyable experience. It successfully brings a lighthearted flair to class settings while reinforcing key concepts around holiday traditions.

This teaching resource comes in the form of a Microsoft PowerPoint file that's easy to navigate and use. Plus, it consists of one interactive PowerPoint with up to eleven slides enriched with different scenarios in each. The colorful graphics on each slide pose two viable options from which a student needs to choose what they prefer most.

While the content primarily revolves around holidays, its layers indirectly touch upon the overall winter season too. This allows for educators to incorporate discussions surrounding aspects beyond just conventional celebrations during this time of year.


The versatility of this resource means you can adapt it depending on your students' needs or classroom dynamics at any given time:

  • Readily implementable as a whole group discussion point in classrooms
  • Beneficial during smaller breakout sessions among peer groups encouraging cognitive reasoning as well as collaboration among classmates.
  • Easily transform into evening homework assignments too where parents get involved fostering meaningful family bonding time while continuing their child’s education past school hours.

In Summary:

This game serves everyone's need effectively- be it public school teachers looking for a fresh approach towards holiday topics, homeschooling parents who are eager towards engaging their children creatively during festivities or even support staff working with groups after school hours!

In conclusion,"This product definitely becomes valuable within your educational resources set when you consider seasonal relevance combined with its interactive approach towards learning".

What's Included

1 PowerPoint with 11 interactive slides

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Holiday Would You Rather Interactive Classroom Game Winter

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