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Summer Would You Rather Game

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About This Product

Summer Would You Rather Game

The Summer Would You Rather Game is an interactive and educational game, carefully designed for engaging discussions among students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. The structure of the game allows it to be incorporated in various teaching environments - whole class settings, small group activities or even for individual homework assignments.

Game Premise

This would you rather game holds a simple yet captivating premise: each slide presents two summer-themed options where pupils get to select the option they relate more with. Comprising eight interactive slides on a Microsoft PowerPoint platform, this resource not only makes dialogues around holiday subjects interesting but also enhances creative thinking and reasoning skills amongst students.

  • Tenacity: It stimulates decision-making by giving them two options to pick from.
  • Cognitive flexibility: Whether in physical classrooms or virtual platforms catering dado learning modules; this game adapts well across different scenarios.
  • Holistic development: Students tend to justify their choices before peers thereby fostering self-expression and confidence levels while simultaneously cultivating conversations skill sets as well.

Inherent pedagogical value being embedded in creating leisurely pastimes during holidays enables teachers striving for cognitive flexibility within classrooms can find multi-fold benefits utilizing the Summer Would You Rather Game while targeting holistic cognitive growth amongst learners."

What's Included

1 PowerPoint 8 interactive slides

Resource Tags

interactive game summer-themed decision-making skills creative thinking cognitive development

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