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Hopping Rubric

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About This Product

Hopping Rubric This hopping rubric is a formative assessment tool for physical education teachers to evaluate students' skill levels in hopping. It includes a final success score and component score scale to easily grade student performance. Teachers can utilize this rubric during hopping activities with the whole class or small groups. It assesses multiple aspects of hopping such as form, rhythm, and coordination. The rubric criteria promote proper technique, balance, spatial awareness, and control. This practical resource comes in full color and black and white. It is designed to engage students while monitoring progress. The rubric can be used repeatedly year after year for various hopping lessons and units. It is a versatile assessment that keeps students motivated to refine their skills. This product is one example of the detailed and engaging resources available in my online store for physical education teachers. Please visit to discover more full lesson plans focused on developing coordination, teamwork, fitness, and enjoyment of movement.

What's Included

1 PDF with 2 ready to print pages

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