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How Do I Start My Child Learning To Read With Phonics?

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About This Product

Title: How Do I Start My Child Learning To Read With Phonics?

Conceived by an author with more than 30 years of experience in teaching children to read through phonics, this resource offers an effective roadmap for getting started on your child's reading journey. Using a traditional phonics program as the grounding principle, it elucidates the methodical steps to aid children in becoming fluent readers within a span of 6-9 months.

About The Guide

Contained within 13 comprehensive pages, this guide seeks to imbue educators and parents alike with understanding regarding the mechanics of phonics and its instrumental role in teaching reading. It provides worthy insights into how to employ our specific phonic scheme which is designed not only for first-timers but also serves well for children reticent towards reading.

Aim Of The Resource

The aim of this resource isn’t solely academic but extends beyond books into building confidence and nurturing interest amongst young minds headquartered firmly at early learning stages— Kindergarten, Preschool or Grade 1 levels. Although it mainly dwells under 'Language Arts', its subcategory 'Phonics' enables zeroing down focus on versatile phonetic instructions imperative for language cognition.

Types Of Teaching Options Available

  • Classroom-Based Options: Deployed effectively during whole-group sessions enabling interactive learning
  • Personalized Teaching Needs: Fits seamlessly into small group discussions serving individual attention requisites.
  • Homeschooling: Supplement homework assignments offering continued learning beyond school hours.

All facets have been thoughtfully tied together keeping educators' perspective at heart ensuring practicality isn't compromised while drawing from decades-long navigational experience in phonetics pedagogy terrain. This instructive material inevitably becomes a great pick for teachers striving towards imparting solid groundwork or homeschoolers looking out accurately depict the steak-and-potatoes ethos of 'Phonetics'.

What's Included

13 pages

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phonics reading instruction early learning language arts teaching resources

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