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How to Make Coil Pots

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About This Product

This lesson includes a detailed 20-slide PowerPoint presentation packed with information about coil pottery, clay and ceramics. This presentation also includes detailed instructions on how to create a coil pot using traditional hand-building techniques such as slab construction, score and slip, glazing, bisque firing and glaze firing. Everything you need to confidently lead students through a class discussion and successfully complete the project is right here! I personally teach this lesson to my 5th graders and they always love creating a functional piece of art that the can both use and be proud of!

Recommended grade level:


Length of lesson:

Three to four 50 minute sessions

Media/Materials required:



Scoring tool (can be a toothpick)

Plastic Knife

Ceramic Glazes

Your Hands

Access to a Kiln

What's Included

A 20-slide PPT

*included in this PPT is info about coil pots, class questions for discussion and critical thought, detailed visual instructions and examples, slide notes with tips for teachers, info about what specific types/brands of supplies I use and where to find them

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