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How to Write an Essay: What Is an Essay?

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

"How to Write an Essay: What Is an Essay?"

This unique teaching resource is designed to alleviate the anxieties students often tie with essay writing. Focusing mainly on Language Arts and writing subject area, this valuable tool empowers students within 5th to 8th grade levels, enabling them to articulate their ideas and perspectives confidently.

Fundamentals of an Essay: Taking A Slice From Full Lesson Plan

Rotating around understanding what forms an essay, we deconstruct the components of a typical essay by offering clear-cut lessons directing learners through each phase of the writing process.

Incorporation with Bloom's Taxonomy:
  • Detailed lessons on four common types of essays;
  • Review sessions about verbs, adjectives and pronouns;
  • Can be merged with your current writing program or given as separate student assignments.
A Teacher-Friendly Resource:

The package includes a well-curated implementation guide assisting teachers in implementing their strategies seamlessly. Plus, there's a user-friendly student assessment rubric providing teachers with immediate insights into each pupil's learning journey.

  • A stimulating element incorporates word puzzles intensifying cognitive development while enhancing language skills simultaneously;
  • Included is also a comprehension quiz that reinforces concepts learnt fostering both recollection abilities and confidence among learners in mastering essays.

Six Graphic Organizers: Doubling As Skill Focus And Guide

The kit features six vibrant graphic organizers serving twin purposes - introducing skill focus plus steering students smoothly along their personalized academic journey suitable for group tasks or homework assignments.

To Summarize...

"How to Write an Essay: What Is An Essay?" is aimed at making learning easier for students, stressing key components that comprise a well-structured essay perfectly aligned with Common Core State Standards adhered strictly to Bloom's Taxonomy recommendations - available immediately in a ready-for-use PDF file!

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