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I Can Stop Picking My Nose, Social Skills Story, Visuals and Activity, Version 2


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3



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About This Product

Stories are a great way to teach children important social skills that they may be struggling with. Social Skills Stories & Activities use explicit language to break down information into small, manageable steps, so that children can more easily understand what they should and should not do in a particular social situation, and why. 

So many of my students pick their noses in front of others. This can make other students not want to be around that them, or not want to share materials with them. I wrote this story to try to help my students better understand why they shouldn't pick their nose in front of others.

What's Included

Included please find: 27 Pages

Story {Full Size, For Classroom Use}

Story {Mini, To Send Home With Individual Students}

Skill Builder Activity

Additional Suggestions

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