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I Can Wash My Hands Like A Superhero! Social Skills Story and Activities

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About This Product

"I Can Wash My Hands Like A Superhero!" Teaching Resource

This is an engaging teaching resource designed to impart early learning, kindergarten, preschool, grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3 students with essential life skills - proper handwashing techniques. This comprehensive package includes a social skills tale accompanied by various activities. The superhero theme stirs up children's interest and reinforces why good hygiene practices are potent tools in fighting invisible foes - germs!

Product Features

  1. Social Skills Story: A primary component of this resource that gives clear information on the importance of clean hands for health and when to wash them.
  2. Coloring Book Companion: This can be sent home to encourage transference of skills beyond classroom confines, enabling learnt concepts to reinforce while nurturing creativity.
  3. Skill builders:
  4. Two skill builders aimed at solidifying understanding:
    • - Skill builder 1 presents a poster outlining step-by-step hand washing instructions available in three different versions accordingly with young learners' comprehension levels.
    • - Skill Builder 2 has worksheets carefully crafted to gauge student's understanding promoting active learner participation whether during whole or small group instruction.

This useful digital PDF tool makes sure each student adopts appropriate hand-washing behaviors while becoming health-conscious superheroes themselves! It’s ideal for regular use both within classroom settings or as homework assignments for maximum mastery.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 26 Pages

Social Skills Story: Great For The Classroom

Coloring Book Companion: Great To Send Home To Support Generalization

Skill Builder 1: Poster With Steps To Hand Washing {in 3 varieties}

Skill Builder 2: Comprehension Worksheet

Resource Tags

handwashing techniques hygiene practices social skills superheroes interactive learning

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