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Sticking Up For Me! Social Skills Story & Activity For Boys K-2nd

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Life Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Sticking Up For Me! Social Skills Story & Activity For Boys K-2nd

Explore a carefully crafted resource for young boys ranging from kindergarten to the 2nd grade, designed to guide or gently nudge them towards speaking up for themselves. This concept is put into action through an engaging story and followed by dynamic activities we refer as 'Skill Builder Activities'.

Sticking Up For Me! is a vital teaching tool created to develop social skills amongst boys at this delicate stage. At this point, they are encountering and learning from diverse social situations. The narrative breaks down complex scenarios into simpler steps offering clear insights on expected behaviors in different situations.

Skill Builder Activities

Beyond the enthralling storyline, Sticking Up for Me! introduces boys to Skill Builder Activities. These interactive exercises are perfect tasks post reading the narrative and assists in shaping up necessary skills extracted from the story.

  • A color story version: ideal for classroom presentations,
  • 'Scenario Cards' & 'Self-Advocacy Check': two types of skill builder activities,
  • A coloring book companion:: allows children to color alongside reading,
  • A Mini Book format:: conveniently sized smaller than standard books, perfect while travelling,
  • An animated PowerPoint Story with skill builder features:
: optimal for distance learning applications.

Versatility Of The Resource

The resource could be utilized during large-group lessons or during sessions that encourage intimate discussions about self-representation. It can even be provided as homework assignments encouraging individual reflection on new insights about self-expression. Whether you favor traditional teaching or the homeschooling method, this resource effectively meets kindergarteners and 2nd graders wherever they are in their social awareness journey.


In conclusion, Sticking Up For Me! is more than just another educational tool. It can positively influence young learners' attitudes towards circumstances that encourage them to voice out their needs—a vital life skill extending beyond classroom boundaries. This guide ensures lessons delivered in approachable PDF format, easily adaptable for both physical classroom sessions and online classes.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 46 Pages

Social Skills Story: Color Story, Great For The Classroom

Skill Builder Activity 1: Scenario Cards

Skill Builder Activity 2: Self Advocacy Check

Coloring Book Companion: Black And White Story, Great For Students To Color Along While Reading And To Send Home For Generalization

Mini Book: A 1/4 size version of the story {in color}. Great for little hands and for the convenience of carrying along with you on the go!

Animated PowerPoint Story: An Animated PowerPoint version of the story that is fun and has self correcting interactive skill builder activities. Awesome for Distance Learning!

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