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Independent & Dependent Variables in Grade 6 Math: Hockey Math

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Grade 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

Here's a ready-to-go lesson to help show your students how learning about independent and dependent variables in grade 6 math can be helpful in the real world! This lesson is all about a hockey game and the mathematical relationships that can be found there.

Students are given 4 scenarios about making ice, letting in fans, collecting money for 50/50 tickets, and the profits the arena makes. For each situation, they have to complete a table of values with missing entries, graph the relationship on the provided graph (labels and scales are already filled in), create an equation with the two provided variables, and answer one or two questions.

The questions increase in difficulty throughout the assignment.

You could use this lesson in several ways. After teaching your students the basic vocabulary and concepts from your math program, you could cut the four scenarios up and use them as task cards or stations. Or, you could assign one problem each to small groups. Or, you could give each student the entire double-sided worksheet. This could even be used as an assessment!

What's included:

4 Page PDF: Title and Instruction Page

2 Pages of Student Questions

Complete Answer Key

Grades to Use With:

This lesson is designed for students in 6th Grade who are mastering the standard 6EE.C.9. However, it could also be a great review for students in 7th or 8th grades or it could be used in high school special education classes.

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