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Informational Text Basic Structure | Nonfiction Simple Passage 1

About This Product

Informational Text Basic Structure Nonfiction Simple Passage 1 for Beginners :

This 20 - page PDF teaching resource helps early elementary students learn how to read and write basic informational paragraphs in English . It has two (2) reading levels that scaffold instruction on the typical structure of English nonfiction writing .

Level 1 .

It focuses on answering simple questions about a topic in 1-2 sentences .

Level 2 .

It answers the same questions as in Level 1, only in fuller sentence structures .

Both levels guide students to compile the questions and answers effortlessly into a cohesive informational paragraph .

The passages cover science topics like animals, their looks and their habitats . The final page provides relevant images for crafts and projects .

This educational resource can be utilized for homework, autonomous work, education center exercises, morning work, substitute educator plans, or as a instructional tool for you and your students . Use the passages for individual practice, small groups, or whole class instruction to build literacy skills . The variety of activities and self-checking passages make this resource versatile for diverse english learners .

It has also proven to be very effective for students that struggle with organising data or demonstrate low attention levels .

A pdf with 20 pages / task cards .

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