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Interactive Digital Math Game: Addition to the Thousands

An educational teaching resource from Life Beyond the Gradebook entitled Interactive Digital Math Game: Addition to the Thousands downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

Interactive Digital Math Game: Addition to the Thousands

An engaging learning tool that turns routine calculations into a fun experience. Ideal for third-grade students working on addition in thousands, serving also as an effective review tool reinforcing number sense in higher grades (4th-7th).

The game centers around the theme of apples and houses 30 unique math questions on addition up to the thousands place. The interactive nature of this product creates a stimulating learning environment, making learning feel more like play.

A Self-correcting Interactive Approach

  • The self-correcting nature pushes students to correct their mistakes before proceeding further - cultivating accuracy and perseverance.
  • Fully interactive format ensures student engagement either in class or at home.
No Prior Preparation Required!

This resource is simple to set-up - teachers share a link with pupils. It comes with a helpful Teacher Directions PDF explaining how it can be accessed and assigned effortlessly.

An Invite to Parents for Homeschool Math Practice

This digital platform is also suitable for parents wanting robust bedtime math practice tools for their wards without compromising on fun elements.

A Tool That Excites Students About Numerical Calculations!
Kids absolutely adore its lively design – keeping them interested throughout sessions! Not just a product but mechanism – it makes math drills irresistible! Skills such as persistence & critical thinking are subtly inculcated during gameplay without losing sight of fun & enjoyment in mathematics!

In conclusion:

  1. + Persistence/Critical Thinking Skills Development During Gameplay.
  2. + Boost in Interest & Enthusiasm for Maths.
  3. + Transforming perceptions of Math drills from "Mundane Homework" to "Fulfilling Game Play".

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What's Included

49 printable pages in PDF Format and a Digital Google Slides Math Game

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