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Intermediate Advanced French Martinique Unit

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Intermediate Advanced French Martinique Unit

A unique blend of language learning and cultural education. This teaching resource is targeted at the 9th to 12th-grade bracket. It's designed to combine modern educational practices with fascinating narratives about peoples of the island of Martinique.

Main Aims:

  • To unpack the stories seldom told about this Francophone population.

  • To encourage student interaction through a fresh perspective on slavery in Martinique, highlighting how enslaved people played a key role in their own freedom.

The essential questions addressed:

  1. How geographical influence shapes a region’s fate?

  2. How individuals manage to keep their culture intact under oppression?

  3. Under what conditions do people call for liberty?

  4. Determining when one is actually free?

  5. Famous factors that allure tourists?

This unit study equips educators with cognitive objectives related to communication—e.g., describing scenes from films or narrating events, as well as a global competency—e.g., reflecting upon actions over time and understanding how they affect current scenarios among others.

In addition, it covers aspects such as geography and geology of Martinique along with identifying various ethnic groups residing there. Main Activities Include:

  • "Comprehensible Input story": introducing high-frequency vocabulary from film "Rue Cases Nègres”

  • "Global Thinking Routines": aimed at analyzing perspectives. These activities enhance students’ learning experience.

The assessment strategy includes activity based learning adapted for Film "Rue Cases Negres" plus providing essay prompts and facilitating effective writing through graphic organizers . The entire curriculum is formatted onto an easily accessible Google Doc™ file.

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French Language Cultural Education Martinique History Film Analysis Slavery Narrative

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