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Internet Search Scavenger Hunt: Search Engine Game

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

Internet Search Scavenger Hunt: Search Engine Game

This teaching resource, the Internet Search Scavenger Hunt, presents a unique, game-based approach to teach students the art of internet searching and comprehension. Designed to encourage critical thinking and computational skills, this online search engine game uses trivia to spark an engaging race between students, making learning exhilarating.

The game focuses on familiarising students with popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. By participating in this clever scavenger hunt centred around trivia facts; learners develop their online navigation abilities efficiently under teacher supervision.

An ideal educational tool for grades 5-8 Language Arts classrooms it can also promote healthy competition amongst peers while fostering fundamental research skills. For homeschooling educators too explore utilising this resource in enhancing a pupil's understanding of internet mechanisms.


  • The activity comprises two downloadable PDF versions that ease educative transactions - one for student use and another formatted as Teacher Key supporting complete usage guidance.
  • Providing room for customization to accommodate multiple methods of deployment be it individual tasks or group activities format; even working perfect as an interactive homework assignment!

  • Purpose:

    Though engagingly mapped out with fun elements at its core like small prizes upon winning, the primary objective remains educating pupils on information access via the web; exploring both positive aspects like convenience in academic research or quick answers findability and negative sides regarding misinformation spread risk & reliance on advertising revenue from user perspective.

    Educational Impact:

    By challenging young minds to assess search results critically before accepting them will boost their discernment ability respecting net-based findings; prepping them life-long!

    Gearing up your language arts curriculum:

    Gearing up your language arts curriculum with real-life applications this activity is set apart by inducing fun into standard comprehension strategies training- something usually unheard! A handy PAT(Peer Assessment Technique) platform indeed! This inventive activity suits all seekers striving for improving modern day web navigation know-how through enrichment education resources in amusing settings offering valuable lessons beyond classroom walls.

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