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Intro to Calculus Word Wall

Intro to Calculus Word Wall
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Grade 10, 11, 12





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About This Product

This is an Intro to Calculus Word Wall that includes limits and derivatives. Your pre-calculus/calculus students will find this word wall beneficial as it provides them with many skills that will be covered in your course. As a teacher, you will find it helpful to quickly reference topics on the wall that were covered last week (or last semester).


Each sheet features a title, a subtopic, and a sheet number. This will help you keep cards organized. The box for the sheet number is left blank on each sheet to give you the flexibility to rearrange sheets and number them however you like.


Some sheets will need to be combined because they are too big to fit on one sheet. An “incomplete” border on the sheet indicates topic extends to multiple pages.

For a long lasting resource, after printing, I suggest laminating each one of the pages. If wall space allows, post sheets as you cover them in class and leave them up throughout the year. If space is limited, print sheets half-size or replace sheets after completing a unit of study.

In addition to using them as posters, this resource may be used in math centers, or as guidance for individual work, or for group work.


The topics included are:


1. Limits & Derivatives

– Limit Notation

– One-Sided Limits: Left-Hand & Right-Hand Limits

– Average Rate of Change: Formula & Graph

– Instantaneous Rate of Change: Formula & Graph

– Derivative: Formula & Graph

– Properties of Limits:

     • Sum Rule

     • Difference Rule

     • Product Rule

     • Quotient Rule

     • Constant Multiple Rule

     • Power Rule

     • Root Rule

– Finding Limits: Graphs & Tables

– Velocity: Average & Instantaneous

– Limits at Infinity: Graph & Table

– Infinite Limits: Graph & Table


What's Included

A 40 page printable PDF

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