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Introduction to Digital Media Literacy - Digital Citizenship

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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

This Introduction to Digital Media Literacy - Digital Citizenship resource will introduce young students to Digital Media Literacy and ensure they understand that they are responsible for using digital media responsibly and carefully - Digital Citizenship.

While this resource was created to follow the Ontario Language Curriculum, it is a resource that will be useful within any jurisdiction that focuses attention on Digital Media Literacy. All primary and early junior grades should feel comfortable completing these worksheets.

Students will be introduced to what Digital Media Literacy is and how we receive those messages - audio, visual, and textual.

Teachers will have worksheets to allow them to introduce the notion of digital citizenship to young students - learning how to use the internet/devices safely, responsibly and legally.

Specific focus on digital citizenship to lead classroom discussions includes:


Communication (tone)

Time limits

Turning off devices (touch some grass)


Critical thinking

Safety with links

Personal information online

Online bullying or harassment

Included in this Introduction to Digital Media Literacy - Digital Citizenship resource are answer pages for all fill-in worksheets. The resource is an editable pdf format. It comes with 12 pages (mainly worksheets) - plus the answer sheets.

To better understand the expectations from the Ontario Language Curriculum that this resource is based on:

A2. Digital Media Literacy

Digital Citizenship

A2.1 - demonstrate an understanding of their rights and responsibilities when interacting online with appropriate permission, and make decisions that contribute positively to the development of their digital identity and those of their communities

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