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Social Story: SAFE ONLINE- Interactive Book/Printable SEL Lesson

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

The Social Story: SAFE ONLINE- Interactive Book/Printable SEL Lesson is an essential tool for educators aiming to teach safe and responsible online behavior. This book, suitable for children aged 7 to 12, provides knowledge on internet safety and fosters awareness of potential dangers.

As a key benefit of this resource, students become active learners by:

  • Anwering questions
  • Engaging in coloring activities
  • Sketching images
  • Discussing personal guidelines for online conduct

The package contains detailed descriptions of social stories and offers two options based on individual preference: full-page print-out and half-page print-out formats. An inclusive tool that caters to all learning environments!

Educator & Classroom Integration:

To better assist teachers and facilitate lessons or discussions prompted from the content, a discussion guide is provided. Individual student involvement or classroom-wide reading sessions can take place dependent on specific approaches preferred by the educator.

Digital Classrooms:

In these modern times where Google Slides integration is highly useful - it proves invaluable here. Perfect for teacher-led instruction.

Suggested Implementations:

  1. Individual Completion during Break Times-A powerful method to reinforce necessary behavioral changes in solitary settings.

  2. In Small Groups-This resource can be consistently utilized in counselor-led discussions focused around student's digital conduct. Creating copies together has a dual benefit – fostering camaraderie in group-based settings and maintaining consistency at home.

  3. Tackling Personalized Behavior Issues :

    The Social Story SAFE ONLINE works extraordinarily as a private intervention tool pertinent to personalized behavior management.

    Finally, through our collective efforts, we hope to engage all children in respectful digital discourse. This resource symbolizes our commitment towards a better-informed digital society. After all, teaching internet safety today should be as vital as learning how to cross the street!

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