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It's So Easy Going Green: An Interactive, Scientific Look at Protecting Our Environment

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

It's So Easy Going Green: An Interactive, Scientific Look at Protecting Our Environment

Teachers from grade three to six will find this comprehensive lesson plan an ideal tool for catalyzing intriguing discussions and activities based on environmental conservation in the classroom.

Facts and Insights: Engaging Articles

  • An assortment of twelve research-driven articles throwing light on diverse topics such as the impact of organic products and deciphering global warming.
  • Aimed at instilling a passion for caring for our planet among young learners.
  • Encourages students to ponder their responsibilities towards managing these global issues.

Hands-on Activities: Practical Learning

This resource is not just limited to theoretical learning; practical understanding comes into play with over thirty-five activities that transform students' perception towards sustainable practices. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Building terrariums using easily available resources.
  2. Demonstrating reforestation efforts with smaller scale models.
  3. Designing solar-powered ovens that harness renewable energy sources.

The teaching materials are readily accessible as PDF files and add depth to regular science lessons by emphasizing the interconnected nature of various ecosystems under the category - Environmental Science.

Incorporate & Evolve Your Teaching Practices!
This resource seamlessly integrates into whole-group instruction sessions, small-group discussions, or independent work students take home— making each interaction with it an enriching experience! Such an approach fosters responsible behaviors among young learners as they evolve to become guardians of our planet. 

Whether you are homeschooling parent or public school teacher seeking innovative ways to freshen up science instruction while instilling sustainable living principles, "It's So Easy Going Green" has the potential to invigorate your classroom with eager learners who are ready to take a stand for their environment.

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