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It's vs. Its | Beginner Lesson Plan

It's vs. Its | Beginner Lesson Plan
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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5



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About This Product

It's vs. Its | Beginner Lesson Plan

The "It's vs. Its | Beginner Lesson Plan" provides an essential resource for teaching students effective grammar skills, particularly, the often confused 'It's' and 'Its'.

This resource is presented as a fully structured lesson plan accompanied by worksheet sets, purposed for Grade 1 to Grade 5 beginner learners. It includes three PDFs – two print-and-use pages brimming with engaging content and an accessible digital copy adding to its adaptability.

An Enriching Language Arts Resource

Beyond being a regular lesson plan, this resource takes kids on a rewarding interactive journey in Language Arts. The worksheets serve as practical arenas where students can test out their learning about 'It's' and 'Its', while evaluating their own understanding or working collaboratively.

Suitable for educators conducting group activities or individual sessions or homeschooling parents wanting reliable resources for at-home lessons – it has been designed to fluently adapt to varied learning environments.

  • Inculcating the competency of correctly using ‘It’s’ vs ‘Its’.
  • Fostering enhanced overall grammar skills which uplift their competency in Language Arts.

Digital Compatibility & Reflective Feedback

A noteworthy feature is its integration with Google Apps that injects digital vibrance into traditional classroom practices. Additionally, keeping the importance of feedback in mind during learning progressions - an answer key provision allows immediate reflection.

A solution crafted by teachers themselves - The It's vs Its | Beginner Lesson Plan correlates seamlessly within any curriculum focusing on developing strong foundational knowledge in Language Art amongst learners.

What's Included

3 PDFs with 2 ready to print pages and one digital access file

Resource Tags

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