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Journal Prompts For Upper Elementary Students with Depression-- Check-In

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About This Product

Journal Prompts For Upper Elementary Students with Depression--Check-In:

This product serves as an important resource tailored for upper elementary and middle school students struggling with depression. The interactive platform allows effective self-reflection, disputes automatic thoughts, and fosters the development of coping skills.

Main Feature:
  • 30 meticulously designed journaling prompts
  • Prompts compel students to explore their feelings relating to depression
  • Work as a valuable tool in recognizing possible triggers, disputing auto-thoughts and pinpointing contributing elements in their emotional state.

Understanding that each student articulates emotions differently is catered to by providing interactive notebook templates aimed at boosting practical engagement levels – particularly for kinesthetic learners!


The Journal Prompts have been carefully crafted to be used flexibly across various learning scenarios; from daily individual check-ins sessions to morning meetings group settings—facilitating diverse teaching strategies or classroom dynamics adjustments.

  • Promote active discussion using these thoughtful questions during both individual and group sessions.
  • Inspire creativity by allowing expression through drawings rather than typical journal entries if more comfortable!
  • An effective method of utilizing this resource is encouraging repeated use—it acts as a tracker reflecting changes in depression levels, comparing coping mechanisms which can elicit revealing reflections from past answers!
Instructors’ Notes Page Included:
A valuable page specifically for educators is included. This guide helps navigate sensitive discussions regarding mental health—ensuring you are fully equipped when handling complex conversations within the classroom setting.


This resource isn't grade-specific but primarily suitable for upper-elementary/middle-school-level students under 'Special Resources' category with a focus on Social-Emotional Learning. Available in a downloadable PDF format — ready to print and use immediately. Increase the inclusivity of your teaching resources toolbox with the Journal Prompts For Upper Elementary Students with Depression--Check-In.

What's Included


⭐30 Journaling Prompts specific to depression and symptomology (1 page)

⭐1 Page of Instructors Note

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