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Kids Yoga Stories: Claire's Camping Adventure: A Camping Yoga Book

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About This Product

This resource is an eBook where Join Claire and her cousin go on a weekend camping adventure in New England.

Students can spot a raccoon, roast marshmallows over a campfire, and rest in the tent.

This eBook will help your students learn through movement either at home, in the classroom, or in a studio.

Included in this eBook of Claire's Camping Adventure: A Camping Yoga Book for Kids:

- An interactive camping yoga book

- Parent-Teacher Guide

- 12 cards illustrating the yoga poses

- Instructions for all the poses

The index indicates the order in which the yoga poses are to be used to flow from one pose to the next. There is multicultural representation featured in yoga kids!

Recommended for ages 4+

Ways in which you can use these cards as homeschoolers or in the classroom include:

-For transition times

  • -Morning routines or circle times

  • -Brain breaks to calm their minds and bodies

  • -Physical education

  • -Occupational and/or physical therapy

  • -With one child, small, or large groups

Benefits of Yoga for kids include:

-Increased strength

-Increased flexibility

-Improves sleep

-Promotes positive interactions amongst adults and children

-Develops self-confidence

-Improves self-expression

-Improves body awareness

-Promotes a lifestyle that is active and healthy.

A total of 42 pages.

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