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Kids Yoga Stories: Yoga Ideas for Science Class

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Kids Yoga Stories: Yoga Ideas for Science Class

This remarkable teaching resource is designed to engage children in learning science topics through the method of yoga. Merging physical health with core science themes, it offers a unique and captivating way to learn, suitable for students from Kindergarten up to Grade 3.

Content Overview

The pack comprises a total of 28 pages. Each page affiliates with a unique blend of five yoga poses inspired by diverse science topics. The imaginative sequences create a dynamic environment for students to embrace learning in an interactive way – breaking conventional boundaries and offering various ways it can be incorporated into class time.

Key Themes

  • Habitats
  • Life cycles
  • Earth Science
  • Seasons etc.

To spark student curiosity these lessons delve into interesting aspects like the life cycle of chickens, pumpkins or butterflies; geographical landforms; vital pollinators that preserve our ecosystems; complicated subjects like water cycle among others). Combined Approach This cross-disciplinary approach combines movement (yoga), observation (science) and oral reflection (P.E & Health). Each session encourages students to construct their understanding while performing yoga poses that mirror unique characteristics or behaviors associated with each scientific theme.

Towards Inclusive Vibrant Educational Environments For teachers aiming at making classrooms lively hubs where education transcends conventional teaching methodologies Kids Yoga Stories: Yoga Ideas for Science Class helps repurpose existing curricula incorporating yoga-based cues throughout lessons - fostering improved engagement among pupils.
All materials are provided in easily accessible PDF format making implementing this kinesthetic technique simple irrespective of previous experience. Finally remember its flexibility incorporates such exercises as:
  • whole-group activity during classroom instruction
  • small-group work
  • individual homework tasks
  • And so, it fosters an inclusive vibrant class environment!

What's Included

A total of 28 pages

Resource Tags

kids yoga science integration interactive learning cross-disciplinary approach physical health

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