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Write A Formal Letter (7-12 years)

Write A Formal Letter (7-12 years)
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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

"Write A Formal Letter (7-12 years)"

This comprehensive package provides an in-depth guide to assist students between 7 and 12 years old on formal letter writing. This method of teaching allows students to learn how to effectively argue a point through letters, introducing them to critical life skills.

Key Features:
  • Introduction on how to open and close a letter appropriately
  • Lesson on addressing individuals formally such as "Dear Sir/Madam", "Dear Mr./Mrs."
  • Instructs ending letters with "Yours faithfully" or "Yours sincerely"
  • Demonstrates the correct structure for their letters: introducing their viewpoint using a topic sentence, providing evidence, then explaining the viewpoint

Counter-Arguments Introduction:

An intriguing aspect of this package is it teaches learners how to counter opposing arguments effectively. They will gain hands-on experience studying example letters on various practical contexts like construction issues or hygiene concerns.

About The Package:

"Write A Formal Letter (7-12 years)" is not just composed of worksheets but serves as creative inspiration that incites action amongst children who have difficulties writing. The creative 'magazine-style' format aims at sparking creativity across all ability levels. There's a special emphasis laid out for sentence variation, appropriate usage of connectives, and grammar techniques in Grade 3 through Grade 6 language arts curriculum framework.

A boon for Home Schooling & Teachers alike

Besides supplementing school lessons remarkably well these packs inspire confidence amongst individual learners by enabling independent learning at home apart from being an amazing aid in lesson preparations for teachers if they choose so. From impactful self-teaching experiences to classroom learning tools, "Write A Formal Letter (7-12 years)" is a great choice. Cut down on arduous task of crafting educational encounters and let's make learning - engaging and fun!

What's Included

19 pages

Resource Tags

formal letter writing argumentative skills letter structure counter-arguments practical contexts

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