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Letter M Puzzles

Letter M Puzzles
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About This Product

These letter M puzzle craft worksheets allow students to practice letter recognition and letter formation all on one page. These alphabet puzzle pages are differentiated by having both 9 piece puzzles and 12 piece puzzles for students to complete.

These letter M puzzles are suitable to preschool and kindergarten students who are working on letter recognition and practicing their handwriting skills. Students will color the letter M puzzle picture any way they choose, cut it out, then glue it onto their letter M puzzle mat to complete their letter M puzzle. Students will then trace the letter M at the bottom of the page. There are both capital and lowercase letter puzzles.

What is Included:

  • * 1 capital letter puzzle with 12 pieces

  • * 1 lowercase letter puzzle with 12 pieces

  • * 1 capital letter puzzle with 9 pieces

  • * 1 lowercase letter puzzle with 9 pieces

  • * puzzle template pages for students to color, cut out, and glue to the puzzle pages.

    When to Use

  • * Arts and Crafts Center

  • * Puzzle Center

  • * Alphabet Center

  • * Small Group Activity

  • * Independent Activity

  • * Morning Work

  • * Emergency Sub Plans

Skills Assessed

  • * Letter Recognition

  • * Fine Motor Skills

  • * Handwriting Practice and Letter Formation

  • * Matching images to build a letter

  • * Cutting Skills

These puzzle pages are a no prep activity for teachers to give students to complete. The teacher simply needs to provide markers or crayons as well as scissors and glue for students to complete the puzzle and tracing tasks.

An alternative to completing this activity as a worksheet is to allow students to color their puzzle template page however they wish, then laminate and cut out the pieces to create a free standing puzzle the student can complete over and over for repeated practice with building the letter.

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