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Letter O Vocabulary and Tracing Cards

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About This Product

Students can practice reading and writing letter O words with these vocabulary and tracing cards. These cards include bold, clear images of objects and ideas that begin with the initial sounds of the letter O.

These vocabulary and tracing cards are suitable for preschoolers and kindergartners who are beginning to learn about words, letters and handwriting. The vocabulary cards provide a way for students to identify things that start with the letter O and the tracing cards provide students with a fun way to practice letter formation and writing words. These cards include both the long O sound and the short O sound.

What is Included:

  • * 12 Vocabulary cards

  • * 12 Tracing cards

    • * Words included - otter, octopus, octagon, office, ox, ostrich, omelet, olive, open, ocean, over, oval

      When to Use

    • * Literacy Center

    • * Writing Center

    • * Wall display in writing or reading center

    • * Small Group Activity

    • * Pocket Chart Display

    • * Word Wall Cards

    • * Flash Card Activity

      The vocabulary cards can make a great wall display in a writing center or as part of a word wall. Students will be able to reference the cards when writing or labeling pictures. These cards can also be used as a pocket chart activity where the teacher can introduce different letter O words. Students can also utilize the pocket chart to sort the words by long or short vowel sounds of the initial O sound.

      Skills Assessed

    • * Beginning Sounds

    • * Tracing Skills

    • * Letter Formation

    • * Handwriting

      These cards are a low prep activity for teachers to create. The teacher simply needs to print the cards and cut them out. The cards can be laminated if desired. By laminating the tracing cards, the teacher can create a write and wipe activity that students can reuse over and over.

Resource Tags

Letter of the Week Writing Center Tracing Activity Word Wall Cards Alphabet Activity Tracing Words Letter Formation Handwriting Practice Letter O Letter O Activities

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