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Letter Q Pocket Chart Cards

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About This Product

This letter Q packet contains letter P cards with images of the letter Q in different fonts, for both capital and lowercase letters, and it contains picture cards of items that begin with the letter Q. The cards are sized to fit most pocket charts, for an easy, fun pocket chart activity for students.

What is Included:

  • There are 12 letter Q cards in different fonts in color.

  • There are 12 letter Q cards in black and white.

  • There are 12 picture cards for the initial /qu/ sound.

This pocket chart activity is suitable for preschool and kindergarten students who are learning to recognize the letter Q in various fonts in its capital and lowercase forms as well as those learning the initial sounds of the letter Q.

The picture cards in this set include the following letter Q images:

quail, queen, question, quill, quilt, quack, quarter, quartz, quiet, quiz, quick and quake

How to Use

  • Pocket Chart Activity

  • Concentration Game

  • Memory Game

  • Matching Game

When using the cards with a pocket chart, the following activities can be done: sorting the capital and lowercase letters, identify pictures that begin with the letter Q, and memory or concentration games. You can also combine this set with other letters so students can distinguish between beginning sounds. These activities can be done in a variety of locations and ways in the classroom, including those listed below.

When to Use

  • Literacy Center Activity

  • Morning Tub or Basket Activity

  • Early Finisher Activity

  • Small Group Lesson

  • Whole Group Lesson

Skills Assessed

  • Letter Q Recognition

  • Beginning Sounds

  • Distinguishing between capital letters and lowercase letters

These letter and picture cards are a low prep activity that provides numerous ways to practice letter recognition and beginning sounds. Students will enjoy using the cards in a variety of different ways.

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