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Leveled Books: Second Grade Levels L-M

Leveled Books: Second Grade Levels L-M
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Grade 2





Sue Peterson
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About This Product

Leveled Books: Second Grade Level L-M

The leveled book set of 326 pages and 40 books includes 20 fiction and 20 nonfiction books for each of the two levels, Level L-M. The books cover cross-curricular topics in ELA, Science, Math, and Social Studies. The concepts are embedded in the books. Each book has 1-3 activity pages at the end of each book to include practice with various ELA skills, primarily reading comprehension, writing, and vocabulary development. An Answer Key is provided for each book. The books were written with the Common Core Standards in mind as well as Fountas and Pinnell vocabulary and Rebecca Sitton spelling. Specific concepts and skills are highlighted on the first page of the text as well as the key vocabulary words underlined throughout the story.

For comprehensive support to your classroom instruction, the leveled book set is perfect. It serves as an individual, small-group, or large-group resource to enhance your core content lessons and expand student interest, knowledge, and skills. These attributes all help build student confidence and success, cornerstones for lifelong learning!

The author Sue Peterson has written over 450 leveled books for grades K-7; some books are sold individually and in grade-level bundles. Other books are also sold in thematic bundles. Enjoy looking for the books and reading their descriptions on Your students' learning will be greatly impacted and your teaching as well!

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