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Leveled Books: Sixth Grade Levels V-W-X-Y

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Grade 6





Sue Peterson
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About This Product

Leveled Books: Sixth Grade Level V-W-X-Y (a total of 26 fiction and non-fiction leveled books 10V, 4W, 6X, 6Y) that:

- Incorporate Fountas and Pinnell vocabulary, Rebecca Sitton spelling words, and Common Core Standards for 6th grade

- Cover cross-curricular topics in ELA, Science, Math, and Social Studies

- Include 1-3 activity pages per book designed to reinforce reading comprehension, vocabulary development, key concepts, and language arts skills

An Answer Key for each book is included. There are a total of 226 pages.


Level V

Latitude and Longitude

“Hurry Up, You Move as Slowly as a Snail!”

Using Candy Bars to Understand Mean, Median, and Mode

Analogies: Words are to phrases as sentences are to paragraphs

More Than a Green Thumb  Factors That Affect Plant Growth

In the Prime of My Life  Learning About Prime and Composite Numbers

The Phenomenon of Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Measuring the Largest Animals in the World

The Study of Pyramids Used in Ancient Cultures  How I Earned My Merit Badges

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Level W

Animals That Live in the Australian Desert

Push Up Your Sleeves  Recycling Paper and Its Impact on the Environment

How Likely Is It?

Sustainable Energy Sources

Level X

An R.S.V.P. to Maria’s Campout Birthday Celebration  (Que sera sera, i.e., e.g.)

The History of the Light Globe  The Beginning of a Whole New Way of Lighting

A Carnival Surprise  Games of Chance

Generating Electricity with Wind and Water

The Science and History of Making Bread

The Domino Effect of Drought

Level Y

Animal Migration

The Ice Age

Electric Circuits at the Electricity Fair  A Birthday to Remember!

Prism, Pyramids, and Their Nets

The Cartesian Coordinate System

Myths and Epic Tales

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