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Light, Heat and Solar Energy Mini Unit: Lessons, Power Point, Printables & Test

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Basic Science


Grade 4, 5, 6

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About This Product

The Light, Heat and Solar Energy Mini Unit: Lessons, Power Point, Printables & Test

This resource is a comprehensive teaching kit designed for Grade 4 through Grade 6 Science classes. It aims to instil an understanding of light, heat and solar energy in students.

  • This unit includes:
    1. Two detailed lesson plans
    2. Ten printable worksheets and activities.
    3. A colorful 25-slide animated PowerPoint presentation.
Lesson One:
Students are encouraged to take notes while viewing the captivating PowerPoint presentation. An end-of-lesson quiz allows immediate feedback.
Lesson Two:
Offering hands-on exploration via rotational science stations which prompt observation activities using classroom materials like flashlights or cardboard.

If more depth is desired within station rotations, there are:

  1. Two additional reading comprehension worksheets included.
  2. An optional STEAM activity using sunlight to create s'mores in a pizza box.
  3. The mini unit concludes with a twelve-question assessment reviewing student knowledge on light heat and solar power.
    This resource can span three to five class periods depending on your schedule; providing theoretical lessons explained through visuals along with practical experiences — thus enriching the science learning experience.

What's Included

Included in this comprehensive lesson:

- Two Lesson Plans

- 25 slide animated power point

*************PLUS 12 more printable pages or worksheets including:*************

- Lesson Summarizer (writing prompt): How can light, heat and solar energy cause change in our world?

- Student Learning Map / Interactive Notebook note-taker for use during the powerpoint

***Four Science Stations***

- Station 1 – Light, Heat and Solar Energy – Observe, Think and Respond

- Station 2 – Heat Energy Observation Activitiy

- Station 3 – Light Energy Activity – flashlight transparent, translucent, opaque activity

- Station 4 – Solar Energy – read, think and diagram worksheet

- Light Energy: Mandmade or Natural reading comprehension worksheet

- Light Energy: Manmade or Natural picture response worksheet

- Heat Energy (Thermal Energy) reading comprehension worksheet

- Pizza Box Solar Oven STEAM activity – directions and student response page

- Unit Assessment - two page, twelve question assessment with fill in the blank, true false, multiple choice and a short answer question.

Your students will really enjoy the animations in the colorful power point with custom clipart and the learning activities they will find in this excellent two lesson mini-unit. They will learn a lot from the printable pages and you will have plenty of grading opportunities from this product as well, whether it is from one of the reading comprehension worksheets, energy stations, or the twelve question summative assessment. I know you and your students will love this product, I guarantee it!

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