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Long A CCVCe Vowel Sound Activity Packet and Worksheets

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





KP Classroom
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About This Product

The Long A CCVCe Vowel Sound Activity Packet and Worksheets

Provide a wide range of engaging no-prep word work and phonics activities, all designed for the use of CCVCe words featuring the long vowel sound 'a'. This activity pack serves as an excellent resource for enhancing phonics skills, spelling abilities, grammar comprehension, reading comprehensions, and writing prowess in CCVCe words. They are ideal for educators with a goal to strengthen their language arts curriculum.

Designed to cater students at different stages of learning, these worksheets range from Kindergarten to Third Grade level. Though not all activities align perfectly with every class’s specific skill levels, the variation in this resource pack ensures that all students can find value in it.

Included Resources:

  • Anchor Charts: Colorful charts provide long 'A' CVCCe word reinforcements.
  • Skill-testing Puzzles: Exercises like fill-in-the-words or Scrabble score math challenge children's understanding in a fun way.
  • Creative Writing Prompts: Opportunity provided for literacy development aligning with creative expression using picture matching exercises.
  • Crossword puzzles or Word Search Activities: These emphasize on specific CVCCe terms keeping learning fun!
  • KWL Grids: Helps gauge what students know (K), want to know(W), as well as track what they have learned (L) after using packet resources.

In conclusion, The Long A CCVCE Vowel Sound Activity Packet and Worksheets are comprehensive tools aimed at both active skill-building and ensuring enjoyment remains integral during the learning process. It goes beyond academic delivery by incorporating exciting classroom activities into everyday teaching.

What's Included

This packet includes:

• Long A CCVCe Anchor Chart

• Long A CCVCe Word Lists

• Long A CCVCe Words

• Long A CCVCe Picture Match

• Long A CCVCe Word Match

• Long A CCVCe Poems

• Long A CCVCe Writing Prompt

• Long A CCVCe Picture and Word Cards

• Long A CCVCe ABC Order

• Long A CCVCe Fill In The Word

• Long A CCVCe Crossword Puzzle

• Long A CCVCe Scrabble Score Math Activity

• Long A CCVCe Word Search

• Long A CVCe to Long A CCVCe words

• Long A Letter Cards

• Long A CCVCe Words KWL Grid

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CCVCe words long A vowel sound phonics activities word work reading comprehension

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