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Long I CVCe Vowel Sound Activity Packet and Worksheets

Long I CVCe Vowel Sound Activity Packet and Worksheets
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Long I CVCe Vowel Sound Activity Packet and Worksheets

The Long I CVCe Vowel Sound Activity Packet and Worksheets are an effective resource that offers no-prep word work and phonics activities. These resources target CVCe words with the letter 'i', supporting skill development in areas such as phonics, spelling, reading comprehension, grammar, and writing. The packet caters to a wide age group - from kindergarteners to second graders.

Packet Contents

  • Long I CVCe anchor chart.
  • 'I' sounding word lists.
  • Crossword puzzles for engagement.
  • Poems accompanied by related writing prompts focusing on Long I CVCe words for an enhanced comprehension exercise.

Add-Ons in the Packet

In addition to the above contents, worksheets like ABC order tasks are intended to reinforce alphabetical knowledge. There’s also fill-in-the-word exercises that stimulate creative thinking. Adding an element of fun is a Scrabble score math activity using 'I' centered words. Furthermore, a transition worksheet transitions students from short i cvc words to long i cvce words,. This is particularly helpful for learners who need extra practice or are transitioning between phonetic levels.

Versatility of Use:

This versatile resource can be leveraged across different scenarios:

  1. Educators teaching in large cohorts can collectively use this resource during their brainstorming sessions.
  2. In smaller groups or specialized tutoring cases this can serve as focused task worksheets.
  3. Families homeschooling their kids or educational institutions can assign these as homework for reinforcing concepts introduced within regular teaching hours.

Whether it's a public school setting or home-based learning environment, the Long I CVCe Vowel Sound Activity Packet serves as an advantageous tool in making phonics education simpler and more engaging for learners at this level. It not only assists in development of skill sets but also fosters an affinity towards detailed elements within language through hands-on experience.

What's Included

This packet includes:

• Long I CVCe Anchor Chart

• Long I CVCe Word Lists

• Long I CVCe Words

• Long I CVCe Picture Match

• Long I CVCe Word Match

• Long I CVCe Poems

• Long I CVCe Writing Prompt

• Long I CVCe Picture and Word Cards

• Long I CVCe ABC Order

• Long I CVCe Fill In The Word

• Long I CVCe Crossword Puzzle

• Long I CVCe Scrabble Score Math Activity

• Long I CVCe Word Search

• Short I CVC to Long I CVCe words

• Long I CVCe Words KWL Grid

Resource Tags

phonics activities CVCe words long vowel sound word work reading comprehension

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