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Long O CCVCe Vowel Sound Activity Packet and Worksheets

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Long O CCVCe Vowel Sound Activity Packet and Worksheets

This comprehensive educational resource is tailor-made for educators teaching Kindergartners, First Graders, Second Graders, or Third Graders. It's meant to enrich the students’ knowledge of phonics with a focus on CCVCe words featuring the letter 'o'. This packet offers an assortment of no-prep word work along with related activities strengthening various skills ranging from phonics and spelling to reading comprehension and writing.

  • Long O CCVCe Anchor Chart
  • Long O CCVCe Word Lists
  • Picture Match activities focusing on Long O CCVCe Words
  • Word Match exercises involving Long O CCVCe Words
  • Poems revolving around Long O CCVCe
  • A writing prompt specially tailored toward words having the long 'o' vowel sound in their construction.

This packet is versatile as it can be used for group learning sessions in classrooms or during one-on-one tutoring sessions. The resources could easily be assigned as either homework tasks or small group activities depending upon each student's educational requirement.

An added bonus includes stimulating crossword puzzles blending linguistic and mathematical competencies along with Scrabble Score Math Activities. An organized KWL Grid reinforces cognitive thinking capabilities by iterating through What I Know (K), What I Want to know (W) and What I've Learnt (L) about ‘Long o’ vowel phonetics.

In Summary:

Educators seeking a tangible method of intensifying phonics understanding, focusing specifically on long-o words for varying learning levels—would find this Long O CCVCe Vowel Sound Activity Packet and Worksheets invaluable.

What's Included

This packet includes:

• Long O CCVCe Anchor Chart

• Long O CCVCe Word Lists

• Long O CCVCe Words

• Long O CCVCe Picture Match

• Long O CCVCe Word Match

• Long O CCVCe Poems

• Long O CCVCe Writing Prompt

• Long O CCVCe Picture and Word Cards

• Long O CCVCe ABC Order

• Long O CCVCe Fill In The Word

• Long O CCVCe Crossword Puzzle

• Long O CCVCe Scrabble Score Math Activity

• Long O CCVCe Word Search

• Long O Letter Cards

• Long O CCVCe Words KWL Grid

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