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Word Ending Sounds with the Long O Vowel Activity Packet and Worksheets

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





KP Classroom
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About This Product

Long Vowel O Activity Packet: Expand Phonics Skills The Long Vowel O Activity Packet helps early elementary students expand their phonics skills through practice with long vowel O words. With no prep required, this packet features engaging printables focusing on O-ending consonant blends like -obe, -ode, -oke, -ole, and more. Teachers can use these materials in small groups, for individual practice, or assign worksheets for homework. The varied activities allow students to build spelling, reading, and writing skills with the long O sound. While designed for K-3 learners, teachers can adjust difficulty by selecting worksheets to accommodate all ability levels. By completing these no-nonsense pages, young students gain essential practice recognizing, decoding, and using vowel patterns that will serve them in more fluent reading and writing.

What's Included

This packet includes:

• Long O Vowel Anchor Chart

• Long O Vowel Word Lists

• Long O Vowel Words

• Long O Vowel Picture Match

• Long O Vowel Word Match

• Long O Vowel Poem

• Long O Vowel Writing Prompt

• Long O Vowel Picture and Word Cards

• Long O Vowel ABC Order

• Write the Long O Vowel Word

• Long O Vowel Fill In The Word

• Long O Vowel Crossword Puzzle

• Long O Vowel Scrabble Score Math Activity

• Long O Vowel Word Search

• Long O Vowel KWL Grid

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