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Mapping Skills with Google Earth: Map Elements

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Grade 6, 7, 8



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Mapping Skills with Google Earth: Map Elements

Suitable for students in grades six to eight, this comprehensive teaching resource amplifies traditional social studies and geography curriculums by integrating innovative technology. Delivered as a PDF file, the material is beneficial for public school teachers, homeschoolers, bringing geographic theory into an accessible and contemporary context.

Learning journey:

  1. Basic map reading skills.
  2. Diverse cartographical aspects such as interpretation of weather and population data maps.
  3. Creativity by detailing map of their country exploring various states or provinces, capitals and important cultural plus geographical traits.
  4. Detailed mapping of pupil's continent before tackling the whole world.

Add ons:

The curriculum adds complexity via lessons that challenge students' recall via crossword puzzles or word search exercises which reinforce important terms while enhancing learning enjoyment. . Comprehension quizzes serve two purposes; first they carry out formative assessments of the student understanding through progressions in topic difficulty level, second they promote deeper thinking abilities through Bloom's Taxonomy written content that meets Common Core State Standards.


This resource can be employed in varied formats adapted to most types of classroom structures including:

  • Incorporating whole class instruction using Interactive Whiteboard projecting resources off teacher's PC or laptop,
  • Selecting activities navigation in small groups off individual tablets/computers among pupils,
  • .
  • Assigning sections for independent study at home directly off pupil personal tech devices..

'Mapping Skills with Google Earth: Map Elements', bridges the gap between traditional teaching methods and cutting-edge technology, making geography more than just memorizing locations on a map.

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