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Learning Feelings and Facial Expressions Social Story-- Popsicle

Learning Feelings and Facial Expressions Social Story-- Popsicle
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About This Product

The Learning Feelings and Facial Expressions Social Story-- Popsicle

This is an educational resource designed predominantly for use within early learning, preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 classrooms. This unique teaching tool assists young students in recognizing, labeling, and understanding various emotions and feelings that people experience throughout everyday life.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

This educational resource presents a compelling social story that focuses on Social Emotional Learning (SEL). It helps learners cement fundamental life skills by identifying emotional responses as well as comprehending the associated facial expressions. Also covered are details of how their bodies might respond to certain emotions - increasing children's emotional intelligence from an early age.

A 28-page Social Story

The product consists of a 28-page social story featuring eight different emotions personified by charming popsicle-themed characters. For educators mindful of printing costs or looking to incorporate coloring activities into their lessons, this product also comes in a black and white version.

  • This dedicated teaching aid can be used flexibly depending on classroom needs - use it to introduce new emotions during whole group sessions or incorporate it during one-on-one lessons with students who find processing emotions challenging.
  • It can act as a reminder tool for all students just before holidays or at the end of the year when feelings may become amplified due to transitions.
Ideas for Enhanced Effectiveness

To enhance its effectiveness further consider pairing this social story with other emotion-focused activities once the tale has been shared. This method reinforces understanding through repetition and application - key elements when developing SEL competence in younger cohorts.

Note: Equipped with such a practical tool--the Learning Feelings and Facial Expressions Social Story--Popsicle edition equips teachers effectively in handling delicate subjects like feelings with grace while nurturing empathetic understanding within their students' minds regardless if they're learning from traditional classrooms or home-based setups.

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