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An educational teaching resource from WORDS ASIDE entitled MATH NUMBER QUANTITY CUBES 1-10 |TEN COLOR VARIATIONS downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Early Math


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Math Number Quantity Cubes 1-10

The Math Number Quantity Cubes 1-10, with ten color variations, is a potent teaching resource designed to bolster the early math skills of students in kindergarten through grade 2. Tailored with clarity and simplicity in mind, this product will inject fun and variety into your math lessons and help make numbers more tangible for young learners.

About the Product

This comprehensive PDF serves as an efficient tool to introduce students to concepts of numbers, quantity representation, and counting skills using visually engaging materials. Each page presents a set of same-color cubes numbering from one to ten. With the range spanning across 100 pages available in ten vibrant colors, this resource provides flexibility for teachers to cater to individual student preferences or differentiate between separate tasks.

  • The required cuts are twice outlined on each board for neat cutting or coloring if desired by the user.
  • Educators can decide whether they wish for their early math learners to engage with individual cut-outs or interact with full-page activities.

Versatility at its Best!

The versatility of this teaching resource allows its usage across various settings such as whole group lessons in classrooms or small group hands-on activities during after-school programs. Additionally, it can prove essential at home too— supporting parents who homeschool their children by giving them an interactive way of making numbers come alive.

As it's a downloadable PDF file type offering unrestricted access once purchased — teachers are given freedom when implementing it into their lesson plans. They may:

  • Use it as part of homework assignments requiring students' interaction at home;
  • Opt for printed handouts during class interactions;
  • Insert chosen slides within tailored PowerPoint presentations;
  • Project shared profiles directly onto whiteboards during live classes.

Making Math Fun with the Math Number Quantity Cubes 1-10

Let's delve deeper into early mathematics by fostering number sense among young learners utilizing Math Number Quantity Cubes 1-10.
Remember that harnessing numeracy with rich visual cues advances counting ability while amplifying engagement in ways which maintain youthful curiosity - all whilst simplifying understanding by drawing obvious links between objects/quantities and relevant digits.

What's Included

111-page PDF

Resource Tags

math cubes number representation counting skills visual learning early math

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