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Mean, Mode, Median + Range Color by Number Worksheet

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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

This is a Mean, Mode, Median and Range Color by Number Worksheet for students to complete.


This worksheet is appropriate for 3rd grade math students. Your 2nd grade students who have been introduced to this math skill will be able to feel successful with this fun worksheet. Any 4th grade students who need additional practice can also benefit from this worksheet.


It is great for early finishers to grab when they have completed their other assigned math work.


You can also utilize this as a homework assignment or placed in math centers. Students will enjoy completing this with a partner or in small groups and coming to find the answers together.


There are 10 problems included. Students will solve problems 1-10. They will circle their answer and its corresponding color. Encourage students to make a note of the problem number. On the coloring page, students will find the problem number and color its image with the appropriate color. (Example: if the answer to # 1 is yellow, color each image with “1” on it yellow).


This worksheet works best if you have taught and reviewed mean, mode, median and range thoroughly.


A few of the problems included are:


Mrs. Suzuki was grading her students Science tests. The scores were as follows: 87, 95, 73, 80, 65, 75, 91, and 60. Find the mean.


Brandon is taking baking cookies for the school fair. He has packaging that can hold different amounts of cookies: 10, 5, 15, 20, 30, and 12. What is the median?


Alexia eats 14 jelly beans on Monday, 29 on Wednesday, 9 on Thursday and 14 on Saturday. What is the range?

What's Included

A 6 page printable PDF

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