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Range, Mode, Median, and Mean Worksheet Set

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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

If you want to give students extra practice with data analysis, I have just the resource for you.

What You Get:

This is a Range, Mode, Median, and Mean Worksheet Set that was designed for elementary students who are working on or have mastered this skill. It also works well as a review for students. There are 2 separate PDFs included:

-  Worksheet with 6 problems and an answer key

-  Teaching notes

How To Implement This Resource:

You can print off enough copies of the worksheet for each student to have. You may also choose to print only a few copies and laminate those. If you choose to laminate them, students can use dry erase markers to solve the problems. This is a great activity to place into a math center or small group activity.

The graphic organizer for the teaching notes is a great resource to implement before, during, and after instruction. This chart is a useful reference that will provide definitions and examples. The Range, Mode, Median, and Mean Worksheet consists of 6 problems across 3 pages. For each problem, there is a set of numbers. Students will find all 4 measures for each set. An answer key is included. This worksheet can be completed independently, as a homework assignment, or even small groups.

I hope you enjoy!

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What's Included

2 PDFs with 7 usable pages

Resource Tags

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