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Measurement: Measuring Weight - Learn the Skill - MAC Software

An educational teaching resource from Classroom Complete Press entitled Measurement: Measuring Weight - Learn the Skill - MAC Software downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Measurement: Measuring Weight - Learn the Skill - MAC Software

This teaching resource, designed to instill a deep understanding of measurement, is centered around the concept of weight. The mini chapter offers content that enriches curriculum-based learning, utilizing real-world word problems to teach the skill in a practical context. By providing tangible applicability this aids learners in trend tracking and problem-solving.

The resource includes handy math tools designed to support students as they explore new ways of thinking and problem-solving around weighing objects. These tools are both interactive and engaging, making learning less intimidating and more enjoyable.

Dual Language Availability

A unique feature of this software is its dual language availability. In addition to default English voice-over functionality, it also supports Spanish language option including text and voice over. This makes it ideal for multi-lingual classrooms or for those seeking additional support in Spanish.

Educational Standards Alignment

  • The content aligns with Common Core State Standards supporting nativized learning outcomes across Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1 & 2 levels making it adaptable across different grade levels.
  • Meeting STEM initiatives ensures all topics convey necessary Science-Technology-Engineering-Math information pivotal for exploratory education space today.
  • Adds depth as our content complies with National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards (NCTM), helping teachers abide by professional benchmarks effectively while driving student success rates higher.

Potential Applications

Potential applications for this invaluable tool range from group activities – where children can learn collaboratively – to homework assignments that reinforce individualized understanding thereby covering both whole-class instruction and targeted small groups/individual attention equally well.


This digital offering comes as an easy-to-install zip file compatible specifically with MAC software; thus adding convenience along with quality on every educator's tech toolbelt!

In conclusion, this resource boasts practicality dimensioned alongside standardized academic values; projecting Measurement: Measuring Weight - Learn the Skill - Mac Software as an innovative yet relatable learning solution to tackle measurements in a fun, easy and tech-forward way!

What's Included

1 zip file with MAC software

Resource Tags

math skills math tools measurement digital math measuring weight

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