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Measurement: Temperature & Time - Learn the Skill - FLASH-MAC

Measurement: Temperature & Time - Learn the Skill - FLASH-MAC
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Grade 3, 4, 5

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About This Product

Measurement: Temperature & Time - Learn the Skill - FLASH-MAC

Designed to simplify the complex concepts of temperature and time measurements, this comprehensive teaching resource offers a curated selection of real-world word problems. This software is targeted towards Grade 3 to Grade 5 students, making learning about measurement interactive and enjoyable.

The software includes lessons that are well-conceived and reflective of the topics intrinsic in Mathematical Measurements. It presents students with practical math problems associated with day-to-day life which helps them grasp the concept more quickly- learning not just theoretically but also practically.

Versatility & Language Preferences:

  • Educators can implement this resource for whole group instruction during class or for tutorial sessions.
  • Children can use it individually at home or during homework assignments for reinforcement.
  • The lesson plan caters to bilingual learners effectively by providing voice over and text options in both English and Spanish.

Educational Standards:

This lesson plan aligns perfectly well with both Mathematics education standards under CCSS principles while simultaneously addressing STEM initiatives. All content corresponds meticulously well to NCTM standards too; our goal is always to foster mathematical elements while enhancing comprehensive skills amongst students.

In conclusion, Measurement: Temperature & Time – Learn the Skill turns out as an efficient tool committed towards nurturing mathematical prowess amongst learners subtly yet significantly whilst fulfilling suggested curriculum objectives hassle-free.
This product is an excellent addition for any educators toolbox aimed at making teaching measurements interactive and engaging.

Note: The product contains one file that's accessible via Mac compatible software.

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