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Measurement: Volume & Surface Area - FLASH-MAC

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Grade 3, 4, 5

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About This Product

Measurement: Volume & Surface Area - FLASH-MAC

This unique teaching resource is an essential tool for educators keen on equipping students with robust comprehension in Volume and Surface Area of Measurements. Beneficial to both public school teachers and homeschooling parents, it is great for students from Grade 3 through Grade 5.

A Variety of Learning Techniques

  • Pre-assessment: Helps assess the pre-knowledge levels of your student(s) before advancing to the actual lesson.
  • Lesson Plan: Structured guideline to help navigate through topic-related concepts smoothly.
  • Real-world Word Problems: Enables learners to connect mathematical concepts with everyday living.
  • Timed Drill Activities:Promotes accuracy and speed when problem-solving; a critical skill for any math student.

Educational Games

In addition, FLASH-MAC also engages learners with games such as memory match game, board game, and spinner game - further making learning interactive and fun!

Tailored Instruction Material

A comprehensive teacher guide is provided which offers direction on demonstrating topic-related concepts effectively using this chapter mini. May be used for whole group sessions or small-group interactions too, depending on learner needs.

Bilingual Presentation

Lets not miss out another highlighting feature: It's bilingual! It offers both English voiceover & text along with a Spanish version supporting multilingual classrooms thereby promoting inclusivity!

Diverse Teaching Tools Included

This teaching resource includes hands-on math tools that fortify understanding toward volume & surface area measurements.The printable resources add more weightage by providing physical learning materials that enhance tactile involvement and knowledge retention.


This product requires Mac-based software to function properly!

In essence, FLASH-MAC is a bundle of engaging activities apt for teaching volume & surface area measurements effectively. With different ways to utilise it, this teacching resource proves to be a significant addition in every math educator's repertoire.

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