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Meet the Master: Edgar Allan Poe Intro Activity

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Meet the Master: Edgar Allan Poe Intro Activity

This versatile teaching resource is designed for educators to bring students into the dark and vibrant world of one of America's most celebrated authors, Edgar Allan Poe. Be it Language Arts or Literature studies, this resource serves as a key foundation.

Target Audience and Learning Goals

  • The lesson plan targets students from grade 7 to grade 12
  • The goal: understand Poe's unique writing style and his distinctive literary works

Lesson Structure: Four Interactive Stations

This activity centers around four interactive stations, each designed with specific learning outcomes in mind.

  • Station One: A video insight into Edgar Allan Poe's life.
  • Station Two: 'Non negotiable' steps from Poe regarding effective writing strategies distilled into a short article format.
  • Station Three: Another video focusing on his renowned literary works and exclusive writing style.
  • Station Four:'Sneak peeks' into some of his much loved famous works-

Tangible Resources at each Station
    Included at each station are comprehensive materials such as;:
    - Instructions or 'Station Plates':
    - Student worksheets that provide tangible reinforcement for learned information.:

    In addition, supplemental materials like articles will be made available if needed ensuring an all-round learning experience.

    User-Friendly Resource Requirements:> All you need are basic technology tools - computers or laptops with internet connectivity for multimedia content. Teachers are provided with a detailed, step-by-step lesson plan to guide them through the delivery process in individual or group based sessions.
Making your Edgar Allan Poe Lesson a Breeze

Delve into the world of this literary master with your students today! The resource is easily accessible and available in PDF format.

What's Included

- Detailed lesson plan

- Station plates with directions

- Student worksheets

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Edgar Allan Poe Meet the Master Interactive Stations Writing Strategies Literary Works edgar allan poe worksheets

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